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Over and over, life may have presented you with challenge after challenge, where you have learnt to cope by using unhealthy habits to temporarily seek pleasure and relief from your stress. You may keep busy using unhelpful behaviour's and distractions like over working, pleasing others, being a perfectionist, binge drinking, comfort eating, restrictive eating, scrolling social media and online shopping.


I coach and offer peer support using a blend of my knowledge and experience from my holistic background. I believe that the reduction of stress is enhanced through Cold Water Therapy, Qi-gong & Dietary Support. This allows you to begin safely exploring your own mind, body and spiritual connection to get to the root cause of your suffering.

My 1-1 coaching sessions, Qi-gong classes & planned meetup groups can enable you to gain awareness into your own difficulties and help you find your own answers. By taking the time to compassionately quieten your thoughts and tune in to explore your emotions, body sensations & energy you can shift, untangle, or resolve issues that may be causing you stress.

Can't decide what to do? I offer a FREE 15 minute clarity call to see if you can establish a connection with me and to decide if my 1-1 coaching sessions, classes or meetup groups are for you moving forward.

What People Are Saying:

Lisa has helped me gain a far better understanding of myself, my past, my triggers, my coping mechanisms, and my needs. She has guided me with warmth and compassion in breaking old thought patterns and narratives. I can say, without a doubt, that working with her has changed my life for the better. 

Giulia P.
Counselling Client

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